Photography Mentorship
Defining Our Role As Wedding Photographers

We'll deconstruct our identities as wedding photographers and redefine what we've been hired to do.

When our main concern is the clients in front of us, we'll capture them as a photojournalist. And it will make us grateful, content, purpose-filled wedding photographers with a career of longevity and freedom.

Not only will it impact our careers, but more importantly, it will impact our clients. There is no greater way to honor someone's memories, someone's story, someone's legacy, than to capture it.

Wedding Photography Educator
Studying Empathetic Journalism

It's time to reclaim time-honored truths and start genuinely documenting these sacred family gatherings.

We'll uncover how to tell the truth in a way that preserves, honors, and celebrates it. Through examining how past photojournalists have created legendary work, studying the mindful practice of capturing emotions in our photographs, and applying it all to the wedding day.

You will discover how to experience the fulfillment and satisfaction of creating work that lasts–work that honors the story of your clients.

Guiding You Extensively Through Capturing A Wedding Day As A Photojournalist

After deconstructing everything we've learned as wedding photographers, we'll build back up a new framework for shooting weddings.

This next section will walk you through a complete wedding day, documentary style, with all the tips and tricks for melting barriers between you and your clients–without posing them.

With advocacy and communication as our biggest tools, we'll put those into play from the client's first impression of you through your branding, to building a relationship with them, to showing up on the wedding day and honoring your clients until the last sparkler burns out.

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