Do you ever look back on a past wedding season and feel completely burnt out? Is the weight of all the expectations from clients, from social media, and especially from ourselves to constantly perform and be the artist behind stunning shots, outdoing our work from the last wedding making you feel not good enough? After all the work that goes into photographing a wedding, maybe your wedding clients never seem to even fully enjoy being molded into whatever shot you're trying to capture when they just want to be at cocktail hour with their best friends. Lose-lose situation, right?

I found a new way of doing things. A win-win; where we re-learn everything as wedding photographers + start wrapping untouched, timeless, full-of-life moments into photographs. Where we take a step back from the director's chair + simply advocate for our clients to take on that role, and we give them back the gift of time on their wedding day. That is the greatest gift we can give our clients. That is what makes every day on this job the most fulfilling as an artist.

Now I feel it would be a disservice to not share how I’ve entirely transformed my career with other photographers, so I’ve created an online course with everything I know about being a photojournalist on the wedding day! ⁣⁣⁣

Inside this course, learn everything from booking ideal clients who desire a documentary style of photography for their wedding day, to walking them through the wedding planning process and creating a wedding centered around presence and moments, not photos, and how to shoot the full wedding day documentary style.


Hey, I'm Emily.

I'm a documentary wedding photographer out of Colorado who's passionate about the real,

the raw,

the untouched,

the l e g e n d a r y moments.

I've been a wedding photographer since 2013, and I've always cared about photographing weddings as a photojournalist.

Given my background studying journalism and traveling the world to photograph stories of various nonprofits, I consider myself an expert at documenting weddings with a journalist's eye and full of excitement to better my craft every single day. As a believer in community over competition, I want to help you better yours through taking this course. We all have insight into specific areas of the wedding photography to contribute, and this is mine.


“I would not have my photography business without Emily. Her mentorship is the best investment I have put into my company. Emily is a great person to have on your side–she has the knowledge, she is such an encourager and such a good leader. Honestly, at that time, I really needed that. She helped me realize my worth and helped me have the tools to wash away the fears and doubts in my head about starting.”

- Jenna Miller